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Accessories For Gardening In Panama

With us you will find the necessary accessories and small parts for your garden: For the organization of garden tools and devices in the garden shed, you will find various fastening hooks, shelves and tool rails. For example, to firmly anchor pavilions in the garden, you will find practical ground anchors with us. Our range also includes plant tables and shade nets for your greenhouse. With our LED lights you can illuminate pavilions, greenhouses, garden houses or even the terrace; the lighting is also suitable for outdoor use.

Take a look around and find the right fixtures for your needs.


The outdoor area is often unjustly neglected. Because with a few flower boxes on the balcony or beds in the garden it does not have to be done by far. With consciously used designer outdoor accessories, your own aesthetics can unfold in a very practical way outside your own four walls.

The first impression counts. Why shouldn't that also apply to outdoor space design? The Radius Design Letterman 1 mailbox with its characteristic porthole or the Radius Design Letterman 3 mailbox, which won the Interior Innovation Award 2013, are evidence of elegant chic. Style-conscious animal lovers send a somewhat bolder message with the Radius Design Piep Show XXL birdhouse or the ironically tinged design of the Radius Design Piep Show Safari birdhouse in the form of a now completely tame shark, alligator or wolf.
Also entrance area is not equal to entrance area. Welcome your guests on the elegant Radius Design Feet-Back 1 doormat or a colorful plastic rug from pappelina. The pappelina Vigo outdoor rugs or the pappelina Honey outdoor rug also create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony or terrace and are very easy to clean due to the plastic fibers used.

Their own aesthetics are also evident in the smaller details. The Magis Tubby Vase by designer Marc Newson really makes plants shine with its elegant white, whereas the world-famous Bloom! Pot flower pot is not only pffiges planter, but at the next garden party can also act as an extravagant ice cube dispenser for the drinks from the Slide Bachus bottle rack by Marcel Wanders.
A real eye-catcher, however, the flower pot becomes as Bloom! Pot flower pot with light or the Bloom! Square Pot flower pot with light. Their soft lighting provides a pleasant lounge atmosphere. In the same spirit, the Moree Cube side table / stool or Moree Cube Granite Outdoor side table / stool, which can be not only indirect light source, but also side table or stool. They display the entire color spectrum at intervals or permanently and can be regulated by remote control.

For the balmy evenings outdoors now a little music? That's where the SACKit WOOFit mini speaker with wireless Bluetooth comes in handy.The compact speaker plays music in incredible sound quality and becomes the perfect mood setter. Just served as a side table or stool, the Kartell Optic Container by Patrick Jouin easily becomes a storage box for blankets or seat cushions at the end of the evening. Stacked on top of each other, it can even become a designer outdoor shelf.

Designer garden accessories make garden or balcony so cozy that you would love to stay there all the time. Thus, designer outdoor accessories transform any outdoor area into a cozy place and at the same time have a representative function for style consciousness.

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