Buying plants online
The principle of our online garden center is simple.

You have the following main themes (which change according to the seasons):

You can browse them at your leisure and gradually fill your basket with plants.

Each of our plant sheets is embellished with a photo taken in a natural environment. Therefore, you can make your plant purchase by mail with ease.

The advantages of a mail order plant catalog:
No need to move!

In a few clicks you can order the plants that will make your garden a real success throughout the seasons.

Several payment options are available to meet all your expectations.

We wrap and ship with the utmost care your plants that will arrive in perfect condition within a few days of placing your order.

The advantages of a mail order plant catalog are undeniable. Although you are located in the north (59), we can deliver your order all over Panama in 24/48h to guarantee the freshness of the products.

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