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At the heart of your garden, our catalogs and our website are designed to satisfy your nature and gardening desires. Since 2001, through our website, we have been striving to make online plant sales possible for both experienced and amateur gardeners.

Aware of our customers' interest in ordering plants directly online, our site not only makes it possible to sell plants online, but also contains many articles: chronicles, tips, anecdotes without forgetting gardeners' stories and traditional sayings.


Working with many suppliers, our catalog of plants is extensive to meet all your requests and always find the ideal plant to enhance the development of your garden.

The sale of trees and shrubs
Sale of climbing plants
Sale of perennial plants
Sale of green plants and indoor plants
Sale of bamboo
Sale of flowering plants
Sale of plants in the form of bulbs or onions.
The sale of fruit trees or fruit trees
Sale of roses
The sale of tropical plants and exotic plants
The sale of aromatic and aquatic plants.
The sale of vegetable seeds or flower seeds.

Our work, the quality of our plants and your loyalty, make today, the Willemse online garden center is a well known and recognized brand in the distance selling of horticultural products.


Products are offered within the limits of available stock during the current season.

This date of deliverability is given as an indication. In fact, plants are subject to climatic and growth hazards. Therefore, their deliverability may be brought forward or delayed depending on the climatic conditions of the previous months.

The essential characteristics of the products are described and presented as accurately as possible. The photos do not constitute a contractual presentation. Depending on the case, they present the products at maturity after growth, or as delivered for planting.

The product sheets present different packaging options or sizes. These choices allow the customer to know the actual level of maturity of the proposed plant. They can be expressed in different ways depending on the product, e.g. "delivered height" for a plant, "girth" for bulbs.


Experienced gardeners will prefer plants with bare roots. On the other hand, novice gardeners will undoubtedly be surprised at the reception.

It depends mainly on their expectations, or even their know-how.

Bare roots have 2 main advantages:

Plants grow in lighter soils to facilitate the development of their root system. Therefore, their roots are bigger and stronger. Of course, it is their roots that allow the plant to settle faster and develop with vitality and harmony as soon as spring arrives.

The other significant advantage is economic. With bare roots in fact, you don't have to pay for soil and pot. On the other hand, the item weighs much less during transport and so you avoid the additional cost related to the shipping costs involved.

You can also note that a heavier foot implies a certain weight imbalance and may increase the tension between the foot and the plant itself during transport, although we are very attentive to the quality of the packaging of the package.

On the other hand, they have 2 other limitations:

A tree or shrub with bare roots cannot remain so for long.

As soon as it is received, it is important to remove it from the carton and moisten its roots (put its roots in a bucket of water, for example) and replant it quickly within 2 to 5 days maximum.

In addition, during its planting, it is necessary beforehand to ensure a "pralinage" of its roots (mix clay soil and water and soak the roots in it for 24 hours). It is a little tedious but necessary to ensure a better recovery of the plant.

Potted plants have the opposite advantages and disadvantages.

It is less good for the roots, for transportation, and less interesting economically because the item is more expensive and shipping costs higher.

On the other hand, you have more time in front of you to repot it.

We offer for sale a selection of exceptional plants made by our teams of horticultural experts, but also many accessories for all gardening enthusiasts.

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