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Bowls, Pots & Bases for plants Panama

An outdoor potted plant to dress up a terrace, a balcony.

While most plants enjoy being planted in open ground in a garden, many of them perfectly accept growing in pots. There are even some that bloom more easily when grown above ground. Potted plants are plants with small to medium development, appreciated for their ornamental qualities, but also tasteful with respect to mini-fruit trees. They offer varied flowers and decorative foliage to decorate terraces and balconies in every season.

For a year-round flowering terrace, opt for potted plants with staggered flowering periods. Starting in March, the anemone will form a beautiful cushion of flowers that will gracefully overflow the container it occupies. Its many small pastel-colored flowers will add a romantic touch to your small outdoor area as well as your garden. The columbine and its angel-shaped flowers, the snowball with its opulent white flowers, but also crocus, iris, tulips and hyacinths will form a beautiful spring scene. Summer is also a good season to enjoy colorful flowers on your terrace or balcony. The lilac of the Indies reveals its wide flower spikes in bright colors while carnations wear elegant blooms in a myriad of colors. It is also at this time that roses flood your space with romance and brilliance thanks to their magnificent blooms, sometimes fragrant, sometimes ascending, always elegant! Autumn is illuminated by the colorful flowers of pansies. Asters are also the stars of the off-season, as is wintergreen, which is dressed with pearl-like berries

. In winter, terraces and balconies won't look gray if you opt for evergreen potted plants. Viburnum, among others, will keep its beautiful foliage all winter long. Pair it with winter flowering plants such as hellebore, winter heather, mahonia or snowdrop and cyclamen.

If your terrace faces south, opt for sun- and drought-resistant plow plants such as sedum, lavender or perennial geranium. If, on the other hand, your outdoor space is north-facing, prefer hardy plants, accommodating in low light. Bergenia will bloom even in the absence of sun, as will not forget me, hydrangea, gardenia and coronilla. To decorate and illuminate your shady terraces and balconies, also think of plants for decorative pots of foliage. Bamboos, Japanese maples, holly, eucalyptus and herbs of all kinds will form beautiful harmonies of foliage capable of enlivening a terrace or balcony in a spectacular way.

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